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  • ‘The Method’ Master Class: Join a course rooted in the Method of Lee Strasberg. Expand your work with a Peter Kalos, who has worked under the tutelage of Anna Strasberg and Stella Adler. Sharpen your craft, and learn the skills used by some of the world’s best actors
  • Equal Opportunity: Join a collaborative environment where actors and directors alike work on the same level. Directors, producers, writers and film makers; here you can learn about the process of the actor and through that, find the best way to work with actors.
  • Sensory & Character Work: Train your mind and body by learning sensory work, the foundation of the method, and use it as an ongoing and evolving exercise, Use character work to truly bring your ideas to the body, rather than just thoughts about a character that don't translate.
  • Techniques & ​Exercises: Refine and discover inner talent through tried and true activities such as the "coffee cup exercise" and the "drunk exercise", Learn how to make objects more than  "just a prop"  and discover how to create your own "private moment" on stage. Extract what you need from your scenes and use it in a practical way through improvisational skills. Make choices to better understand the meaning of a scene and not just to be interesting or creative.
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The classes are held at 7:00 PM (AEDT) Every Thursday.

Mark Wahlberg

"Peter was my buffer between directors"

Olympia Valance,

Without Peter I wouldn't be where I am today. Not only has he taught me how to be a better actress, but also shown me things about myself that I don't think anyone else would have been able to expose."
Peter Kalos
Founder and Owner of The Melbourne Actors Lab
Peter is an internationally recognized acting coach who has taught hundreds of theatrical performers how to break limiting psychological boundaries, take their work to a place beyond reasonable possibility, and to work with an absolute commitment toward one goal; the truthful revelation of character.

Peter instills that hard work hones the actors instrument to a place where is it at immediate disposal wherever and whenever it is required. The repeated practice of the exercises of Lee Strasberg lead to something much more profound than at first glance - the absolute mastery of the actors' instrument, body, mind and voice - creating artists that paint with a finer brush that also have the resilience and wherewithal to work under the most difficult of circumstances, in theatre, film and television.

Beyond the actor training, THE LAB provides an environment where actors can meet filmmakers and start a collaborative relationship together. Filmmakers are encouraged to come into class and observe the actors process. The work in itself inspires a passion for actors to create their own work; theatre and film projects, and that is the drive that creates, builds and sustains a career.

Davini Malcom

"A safe, creative, expansive space where I journey deeply as an artist continuing to hone my skills after 35 years in the biz. A supportive, committed community of artists with superb coaching by Peter Kalos. I highly recommend the Melbourne Actors Lab to local artists and visitors alike. No other coaching has come close to what I receive at the Lab."

Ditch Davey

"Peter Kalos is undoubtably one of the Premier acting coaches in Melbourne, and with his vast knowledge and experience has created a dynamic yet safe place at THE LAB; to work, explore, create and guide you to the Actors truth. Working with Peter...WORK YOUR ASS OFF!!!"
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